Heal Your Dysregulated Nervous System and Reverse Burnout, Anxiety and Chronic Symptoms.

Use simple, practical tools and a clear plan.

If you have a Sensitive Nervous System, you’re more prone to burnout, anxiety and chronic symptoms.

  • You’re in a chronic state of hyperarousal and overwhelm.
  • You have high levels of anxiety and insomnia.
  • You feel close to a full burnout and exhausted.
  • Your experience a wide range of physical and emotional symptom

You’ve tried everything the doctors said, and even things like meditation and yoga, but it only gets better for a little while. You feel like you are stuck in a never-ending cycle.

Discover the Answer to Your Questions: A Dysregulated Nervous System

Dysregulation is an umbrella term used to describe a nervous system that does not function properly due to its inability to adapt to stresses and maintain flexibility. It can occur as a result of trauma, chronic stressors, or a combination of both and leads to an inability to regulate emotions and experiences. Some describe this state as feeling out of control and overwhelmed, with their nervous system firing off fight or flight reactions at inappropriate times.

Dysregulation might look like agitation, restlessness, distractibility, fatigue, physical pain, oversensitivity to sensations and emotions, self-harmful impulses and behaviors, overly reactive emotions that you struggle to manage or modulate, low body awareness, and more.

The good news is that you can heal a dysregulated nervous system and reverse the damage accumulated over the years.

Find the Missing Piece in Your Healing Journey: Regulation of a Sensitive Nervous System

Our mission is clear: to empower you to regulate your sensitive nervous system and take control of your own healing journey.

  • Access our library of free resources designed to inform and inspire. From assessments to guided practices, you’ll find everything you need to understand your sensitive nervous system and take control of your healing journey.
  • Join our growing global movement to build a more regulated world, one nervous system at a time. Share your stories, ask questions, and be inspired by success stories from around the world!
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