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The Real Secrets to Healing a Dysregulated Nervous System

I just finished reading dozens of stories from our program members who are successfully healing their dysregulated nervous systems right now. Before joining us, most of them had been struggling for years with symptoms of burnout, chronic anxiety, and trauma. 

What is high functioning anxiety? Top Signs and Best Solutions

In this Article What are the signs and symptoms of high-functioning anxiety? Negative Symptoms of High-functioning Anxiety High-functioning Anxiety vs. other forms of Anxiety How People with High-functioning anxiety can overcome their symptoms Conclusion Do you feel like you’re always

Dandelions represent more resilient people

The Highly Sensitive Person Test

Are you a Dandelion, a Tulip, or an Orchid? Discover your sensitivity profile through a short test developed by scientists. Many of us have a good understanding of what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person. In fact, around

The 3 Subtypes of Highly Sensitive People

If you’re a highly sensitive person (also known as HSP), you know you’re easily overstimulated/over-aroused, emotionally sensitive, and sensitive to subtle external and internal stimuli. You are keenly aware of lights, sounds, smells, and temperature changes. You also process your thoughts, feelings,