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5 Somatic Practices to Regulate Your Nervous System

The basic exercise

Dr. Linnea will demonstrate how to regulate your nervous system with this basic exercise.

Two-step parasympathetic activation

Understanding and harnessing the power of the parasympathetic nervous system can greatly improve our daily lives, particularly in managing stress and reducing feelings of overwhelm.


A calm relaxing exercise to help you regulate your nervous system.

Lying upside down pushing feet against the wall

A simple practice with great results on your dysregulated nervous system.

Physiological sigh

A type of controlled breathing that can be performed in real-time without needing to disengage from any stress-inducing activities.


Masterclass: How To Shape Your Stress Response

Master Your Stress Response with This Exclusive Training from the Book

Understand the core differences between regulation and dysregulation, and then explore the profound effect of dysregulation on our stress response.


Guided Practice with Dr. Linnea: From Activation to Calm

Guided Practice with Dr. Linnea: From Activation to Calm—A Hands-On Regulation Session

A practice where we’re going to map your current responses in different states. This tool is going to help you understand your typical present experiences, where you currently stand in different arousal states.