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Heal Your Nervous System

The 5-Stage Plan to Reverse Nervous System Dysregulation

Heal your anxiety, burnout, feelings of overwhelm, and chronic physical symptoms by healing your dysregulated nervous system with this straightforward 5-stage roadmap. Drawing upon the latest scientific research in neurobiology, chronic stress, trauma, and sensitivity, Heal Your Nervous System will guide you to rebuilding a thriving nervous system.

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Dr. Linnea Passaler has helped thousands globally in her digital health program address a wide range of symptoms associated with nervous system dysregulation—from mental symptoms including anxiety, burnout, and brain fog, to physical symptoms, such as digestive issues, chronic inflammation, and fatigue. Now, Dr. Passaler presents her 5-stage plan developed over the last decade to equip readers with the knowledge to understand and regulate their unique nervous systems.

Despite its advances, conventional medicine has often overlooked the importance of nervous system regulation in our health and quality of life. This is especially true for highly sensitive individuals, who may be more susceptible to a dysregulated nervous system. Instead of merely treating the symptoms, Dr. Passaler shows you how to make a profound shift from reactive treatment to proactive healing.

Grounded in recent scientific advances, this is not a short-term or one-size-fits-all solution, but a comprehensive strategy to tackle the source of your symptoms, and restore your physical, cognitive, and emotional health.

In Heal Your Nervous System, you will discover:

  • How anxiety, trauma and chronic stress are not just “in your head,” but manifest in all areas of your health
  • How to assess your current level of nervous system dysregulation
  • Why nervous system dysregulation can cause both mental and physical symptoms
  • How your individual sensitivity profile and past experiences came together to tip your nervous system into a state of dysregulation
  • The four most common mistakes people make in their healing journey, and how to avoid them
  • Top essential habits that support your nervous system during your healing journey
  • Simple practices, exercises, and routines that progressively reverse nervous system dysregulation
  • How to organize the most effective practices into the right order, a sequence that supports your healing without getting overwhelmed
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