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Nervous System Dysregulation Self-Assessment

Receive a comprehensive, personalized report of your level of dysregulation, covering the emotional, physical, and sensory components.

Includes Expert Video Walkthrough with Dr. Linnea:
Watch a step-by-step video breakdown of your results so you understand exactly what they mean.


Sensitivity Profile

Discover your unique sensitivity level and understand how it shapes your interactions and experiences, leading to deeper self-awareness and tailored healing strategies.


Somatic Practices to Regulate the Nervous System

Physiological Sigh

The physiological sigh can lower anxiety and stress right away. A study published in 2023 by the Stanford Center on Stress showed that doing this practice for five minutes daily led to significantly more positive feelings throughout the day after just ten days. It also decreased rates of breathing at rest, which is a sign of overall body calmness. It is more effective than meditation in regulating anxiety in real-time.

The basic exercise

The Basic Exercise, modified from Stanley Rosenberg’s original method, is a simple and quick routine that serves as an effective nervous system reset. Make it a part of your morning routine for its rejuvenating effects, but it’s also perfect for a quick reset anytime during the day or as a relaxing practice before sleep.


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