Are you curious about what we are working on at HYNS? Are you considering applying for an engineering position at our company but unsure of what you might be end up building? Then this page is for you!

If you have had a quick look at our main website you might still have questions about what HYNS actually is or looks like. How it works and what the tech stack is. Let’s start with the first question then.

What is HYNS?

From a user’s point of view HYNS is a membership program designed to improve one’s physical and mental health conditions by providing training and practices to restore the functions of and regulate a Dysregulated Nervous System.

From an engineering point of view, HYNS is a cutting-edge, progressive web app, carefully designed and built with the latest version of Ruby on Rails (7+). It uses Turbo Frames, Turbo Stream and StimulusJS to provide the fastest experience for our users while allowing us to quickly build and iterate on features and ideas.

Wait, it’s a majestic monolith? Yes, that’s right! Ours is an intentional choice guided by the fact that we don’t have all the answers when it comes to what our product should look, feel, behave. We don’t know what will work for our members until we ship it and measure its impact. That’s why we focus on building things fast, see what works and iterate on them – thank you majestic monolith!

What about native apps, you might ask… and you would be wise to do so! Building native apps takes a long time and does not allow teams to iterate quickly on their ideas. To solve this, we use Turbo Native (NOT React Native!) a brilliant framework developed by the creator of Rails themselves to make it extremely easy to reuse your web app in your native ones AND most importantly build native views only when you really need them. The experience this process provides the final users is SUPERB and the speed it gives our team feels like a super-power.

Team, Vision and Opportunities

While our bootstrapped company is already considerable in size (10-20 people), our engineering team is being formed right now.

Our code-base had been developed internally in the past few months by our CTO, a digital enterpreneur with over 15 years of experience building successful products with Ruby on Rails and other robust and trusted frameworks and programming languages.

We envision building a small, highly-effective engineering team in the next 2 years focused on building the best, most-impactful product there is, taking advantage of the speed the monolith can give us right now and then slowly add pieces to our infrastructure as we need them and as the business scales to hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world.

Being part of such an extraordinary engineering team making a real difference in the world is the opportunity you, if you have what it takes.

Job Opportunities

As of now we are focused on our first hire:
Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer, remote, based in Indonesia.
If you think that might be you, head over to our LinkedIn Job Post and apply.

If you are inspired by what we are doing and would like to work with us in an engineering role not listed above please get in touch with us directly at

The reveal

Have a look at some example screens from our current product, used by thousands of users every day and get a feel for how it works and how (cool!) it would feel to work on it every day.