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Read about how our clients tap into their full potential by getting to the root of what’s standing in their way and making fast, powerful changes for more clarity, resiliency, and empowerment.

Andrea's Healing Story

Andrea is a wellness coach, a former professional athlete, and a mom to a young child.  Anxious and overwhelmed, her struggles began to significantly impact her ability to connect with her husband and child. It was also getting in the way of building her business. And you can imagine that, as a former athlete and a wellness coach, she knows a thing or two about the body; her body is well trained and well functioning. 

But the reality is that even a perfectly functioning body can carry trauma, anxiety, and emotional dysregulation. It’s not a function of how fit you are.  Andrea had been taught that her mind was the primary tool in her healing, in going past her anxiety.  But all the journaling and meditation she was doing wasn’t actually working. It wasn’t rejuvenating her. It wasn’t shifting her energy.

Our program allowed Andrea to do transformative work. We built safety for her nervous system and released decades of accumulated trauma and anxiety. That’s when she actually started to feel differently. It wasn’t a mindset shift. It wasn’t a meditation practice. It was restoring a feeling of safety in her body. Afterward, she reports the ability to stay grounded and be less anxious. And it came as a surprise to us, but she actually experienced a lower heart rate and more relaxed breathing. Because she’s an athlete, she was tracking everything with her fitness band. She could see the changes in her records. She could see the shift in her body because she was now more regulated and grounded. 

Before Heal Your Nervous System, I was doing a lot of typical stuff — journaling and meditation and such. But it wasn’t enough. Where does that transition over into your body? How does it actually affect you? With this program, I actually noticed the change in my body. I became more grounded and no longer felt like I was all over the place energetically. I love how simple it was, with exercises I could sit down and do in just 10 minutes, yet it had such a big effect.

Andrea Clow

Wellness Coach, Mom

Asa's Healing Story

When Asa started working with us, she had been through years and years of psychotherapy. She’d tried to heal through what she calls “traditional means” and was incredibly frustrated. She felt like there was something wrong with her because she wasn’t seeing any improvement in how she felt. 

When we started working with Asa, we helped her understand the missing link to her healing. We helped her learn her nervous system’s role in recovery and how trauma affected and compounded her pain. We supported her and showed her how she could completely change her results by learning how to regulate her nervous system. Now she’s able to work through years of unresolved trauma and failed efforts of trying to free herself from it. She can move flexibly through each state of her nervous system. She can regulate better.

I have not had much success in healing through traditional means, including years of psychotherapy. HYNS has helped me to understand I’m not crazy. I’m not different from anybody else suffering from this. I can better deal with my feelings now and move flexibly through the states of my nervous system.

Åsa Thenander

Writer, Creative & Mom

Stories of Transformation

"My main transformation through this course has been a feeling of self-confidence and trust and awareness in myself. I'm able to regulate myself in a way that I've never been able to do before."

Artist, Mom
"This course has been so valuable to me, On a fundamental level, it has helped me rebuild my relationship with all the different parts of myself."

Ux Designer
"The experience was exactly what I needed as a mum and business owner. Linnea truly understands the challenges of the modern-day woman and has created something deeply powerful to support a new way of having it all."

Leadership Coach

Basi's Healing Story

Basi is a highly talented, highly-sensitive woman who came to us feeling like she was broken. She was so overwhelmed by her feelings and emotions that she already had severe physical symptoms.

She’d recently gone through significant surgical trauma, and shortly after that, a member of her family, one of the most influential people in her life, had suddenly passed away. Grief, trauma, and her exceptional sensitivity added up to create significant dysregulation of her nervous system. 

We assessed her current nervous system functioning and supported her healing process. We gave her the tools to turn her sensitivity into her superpower. She learned how to treat herself with kindness and compassion and see herself as “whole.” She no longer holds to the idea that there’s something wrong with her. And what happened next was short of astonishing: she got her period back, after years, and the best part is that now she has it every month.  She is so happy because now she feels better than ever before, and now you see she feels a calling to create something. She’s genuinely embodying her creative powers and unique talents.

This course has guided me to get to know myself, dig deeper into my awareness, and become conscious of my responses. It has been a great opportunity to get to know myself and to discover that I can be responsible for my own well being.



Velaria is an engineer and a breast cancer survivor. She’s done years of psychotherapy. But when she started working with us, she felt emotionally overwhelmed. She felt like she was a prisoner of moods triggered by interactions with her family. These moods led to feeling immobilized by fear.  

Read what Valeria had to say about the program:

The most important tool that Heal Your Nervous System has given me is the ability to get out of crippling, painful states quickly and to bring me back to a place of authenticity to myself and connection with others. Before, I thought it was necessary to fight difficult feelings. Now, I decide not to get overwhelmed. I am proud to be the architect of my well-being. I and the world around me have renewed energy.

Valeria Vizioli

Engineer, Entrepreneur & Breast Cancer Survivor

Stories of Healing

"I lost someone close to me, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I felt like there was an elephant on my chest. This program gave me a huge sense of peace throughout my days. I feel like I trust myself more now because I know that I am stronger."

Voice Coach
"I loved the program. I feel more stable and stronger in my body; More resilient and able to calm myself quicker. Dr. Linnea is an incredibly compassionate and effective teacher, with depth of insight and understanding."

PhD, Bestselling Author
"The HYNS program attracted me for its innovative content and the transversal nature of the ideas and illustrated practices. In fact, the path provided a wide spectrum of tools, both for self-analysis and self-healing, guiding me step by step towards achieving my goals in a free and flexible way."

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