The Real Secrets to Healing a Dysregulated Nervous System

I just finished reading dozens of stories from our Members who are successfully healing their dysregulated nervous systems right now.

Before joining us, most of them had been struggling for years with symptoms of burnout, anxiety, and trauma. Many spent thousands on diet and supplements, visited multiple practitioners, and were often told to start (or just increase) medication.

But after being in The Nervous System Solution for just a couple of months, they are already getting relief. What are the “secrets” of this success?

I want you to be successful in healing your dysregulated nervous system, regardless of whether you do it with my help or not.

Secret # 1: Following a specific sequence.

In martial arts, you become a black belt only after passing through a sequence of nine stages. Without completing each of the lower-level stages, you will never be able to reach the more advanced ones, no matter how much money and effort you pour into it. You may even hurt yourself!

The same is true for healing a dysregulated nervous system: if you don’t follow a specific sequence, it can backfire on you. I have developed a 5-stage sequence that I use and recommend.

I call these stages: Awareness, Regulation, Restoration, Connection, and Expansion. (More on that in one of my next emails).

Secret # 2: Time matters.

We live in a culture of instant gratification, and there are many quick fixes out there that cash in on the false promise that you can solve all of your symptoms in just one session, or even in one or two months. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is simply not true. It’s taken your nervous system years to develop dysregulation, and it will take time to reverse it.

How long? Everyone is different so I can’t promise how long it will take you.

What I can say though, is that with the right support and strategy, you can significantly accelerate the process by years, avoiding the pain and sense of failure that comes from doing this alone and without an effective strategy.

On average it takes our Members about 1-2 months to get relief, feel calmer, and respond differently to triggers. In 4-6 months these results become more anchored and long-lasting, as new neural pathways emerge. 8-12 months is a good time to resolve deeper issues (trauma, attachment, chronic conditions from years of dysregulation).

Secret # 3: Having a structure in place.

Nervous system change only happens when there’s discomfort, and that progress takes time and effort to maintain. That’s why many people experience failure on this journey and start losing hope they’ll ever heal their dysregulation. I have seen people with dysregulated nervous systems improve significantly when given structure in the form of easy-to-digest training, coaching, and community support to keep them accountable.

Being in a community with people who are going through the same journey and are willing to share openly about their challenges and successes is invaluable. Having the freedom to move at your own pace is also crucial for success. This is one of the reasons I decided to opt for a membership instead of a course so that people can take their time and not feel overwhelmed, but still have access to the support they need when they need it.

Secret # 4: Showing up with your “Plugged-in Part”.

From my experience, being successful in this journey ultimately comes down to a choice. It’s a choice about how you show up. There are always different parts of ourselves: one part is what I call the Plugged-in Part, and one part is what I call the Disconnected part.

The Disconnected Part has been hurt by previous experiences and failures, and she wants to protect you at all costs from experiencing the sour taste of disappointment and failure. And it’s suspicious and always looking out for things that could go wrong. Her way of protecting you is to give you reasons to pull away.

The Plugged-in part is the part of you that has a growth mindset and is fully committed and focused on the journey. Even if you fall off track for a while, the Plugged-in part knows it doesn’t have to be perfect to be successful. And so when you experience setbacks, the Plugged-in part picks you up with compassion and encourages you to keep moving forward. Just one step forward is all it takes. That’s why we spend a lot of time coaching our members to intentionally choose to show up as their Plugged-in part. It makes a heck of a difference.

If you are serious about healing your dysregulated nervous system, I’d advise taking the route that puts the solution in your hands. Take responsibility and take action.

One way of taking action that could work for you is to join us when we reopen enrollments for The Nervous System Solution. It’ll give you a shortcut to the best practices and support you need to heal your nervous system.

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN FOR A FEW DAYS. Click this link to join!

Nervous System Regulation - Best Resources to Get Started

Dr. Linnea Passaler

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Dr. Linnea Passaler

Dr. Linnea Passaler

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